About Us

The nominations for the 41st annual National Magazine Awards will be announced on April 24, 2018. This year’s gala is June 1 in Toronto. Details will be announced this spring.

The National Media Awards Foundation (formerly National Magazine Awards Foundation) is a bilingual charity dedicated to promoting excellence in journalism and visual creation. Since 1977, the Foundation has been awarding prizes to journalists, photographers, illustrators and other professionals of the magazine press, who are distinguished by the quality of their work. Through its awards program, the Foundation promotes the development of healthy journalism by encouraging both seasoned professionals and the next generation to continue their vital work for our society.

The Foundation produces two distinct and bilingual award programs: the National Magazine Awards and the Digital Publishing Awards. Throughout the year, the NMAF actively promotes the winning creators and publications through a targeted mass media publicity effort, group marketing efforts and through its website, which hosts an extensive collection of award-winning articles.

La Fondation nationale des Prix du magazine canadien est un organisme bilingue qui a pour mission de reconnaître l’excellence du contenu rédactionnel et visuel en magazine.

En savoir plus sur la fondation et les prix, veuillez consulter magazine-prix.com.


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