Who will be Canada’s Magazine of the Year? | NMA 2016 Nominees

One week from tonight–June 10–Canada’s top magazine writers, editors, artists and other creators will gather for the 39th annual National Magazine Awards. [Tickets & Gala Info].

This year the jury has selected four finalists for the most coveted award, Magazine of the Year, from among hundreds of great Canadian magazines. The award for Magazine of the Year goes to the publication that most consistency engages, surprises and serves the needs of its readers.

One of these incredible magazines will be named the 2016 Magazine of the Year. Here are this year’s nominees…

Canadian Geographic

Gilles Gagnier, Publisher
Aaron Kylie, Editor
Javier Frutos, Art Director
Published by Royal Canadian Geographic Society

With a steadfast mission to make Canada better known to Canadians and to the world, Canadian Geographic reports on all aspects—physical, biological, historical, cultural and economic—of Canada’s geography with in-depth reporting and brilliant photography and maps. In 2015 the magazine soared especially high with initiatives including the popular National Bird Project, a stunning feature on Canada’s one hundred greatest living explorers, a comprehensive editorial package of Wood Buffalo National Park, an innovative urban mapping project, and an exclusive feature on Canada’s vanishing insect species.

Canadian Geographic has mastered the art of building commitment to its readers. The range of topics in each issue is always delightfully surprising, the layouts are varied and inviting, and the overall quality is constant from cover to cover. Canadian Geographic is a magazine for all Canadians.
–National Magazine Awards jury

Canadian Geographic is nominated for 3 National Magazine Awards, including Photojournalism & Photo Essay, Spot Illustration, and Magazine of the Year.


Geneviève Vézina-Montplaisir, Publisher
Geneviève Vézina-Montplaisir, Véronique Leduc, Editors-in-Chief
Tania Jiménez, Art Director
Published by Cervidés Média, inc.

Launched in 2014, Caribou is a reflection of culinary culture in Quebec. Mixing stories and visual art that aim to inform and entertain, Caribou is not your typical culinary magazine: you will find no recipes, but rather expansive and surprising reports on Québecois food and agriculture. In 2015 many of the magazine’s stories gained coverage in the mass media, while art director Tania Jiménez won a Grafika Award for magazine design and cofounder Vincent Fortier won the Grand honneurs at the FPJQ awards for his reportage Road trip boréal.

With its unexpected editorial content and impeccable presentation, Caribou is the good news of the year. The art direction is a perfect reflection of the text, which has a unique point of view but is never pretentious. This is a magazine that shows us that reality and un-retouched beauty can go hand in hand to make an elegant package.
–National Magazine Awards jury

Caribou is nominated for 2 National Magazine Awards, including Best Art Direction of an Entire Issue, and Magazine of the Year.


Jennifer Varkonyi, Publisher
Haley Cullingham, Daniel Viola, Editors
Anna Minzhulina, Art Director
Published by Maisonneuve Magazine Association

Embracing serious and thoughtful storytelling enlivened by sumptuous design and packaging, Maisonneuve is an ambitious arts and cultural quarterly that lives by a simple rule: Don’t be boring. In 2015 its journalists—from Canadian literary legends to emerging young writers and photographers—boldly reported on the struggles of the spouses of Canadian soldiers with PTSD, the Ukrainian revolution, sexism at the Calgary Stampede, anti-Semitism in Quebec, Vancouver’s non-binary drag performers, Yukoners with fetal alcohol spectrum disorder, and the contentious debate over female ejaculation.

Maisonneuve fulfills its bold mandate of “banishing boring,” clearly striving to engage, inform and inspire. From its refreshing and imaginative art direction to its passionate editorial voice, the magazine feels like its constantly evolving, yet at the same time seems to connect with a sense of familiarity with its readers.
–National Magazine Awards jury

Maisonneuve is nominated for 18 National Magazine Awards, including Essays, Politics & Public Interest, Magazine Covers, Illustration, and Magazine of the Year.

Nouveau Projet

Nicolas Langelier, Publisher & Editor-in-Chief
Jean-François Proulx, Art Director
Published by Atelier 10

A cultural and societal magazine that aspires to foster public discourse and encourage readers to live more satisfying, informed and meaningful lives, Nouveau Projet publishes comprehensive essays, reportage and graphic narratives enveloped in award-winning design. In 2015 the magazine published an expansive 50-page package on the new frontiers of Quebec, and opened the doors on a new storefront in Montreal, where the curious can purchase publications by Atelier 10 and discover beautiful Québec creations.

Dynamic, profound and prevailing, Nouveau Projet speaks to our intelligence without ever being intimidating. The layout design is sober and elegant, varied but cohesive, and the photography is not only efficient but distinguished. The production quality makes it somewhat of a gift that we want to cherish and share.
–National Magazine Awards jury

Nouveau Projet is nominated for 5 National Magazine Awards, including Essays, One of a Kind, Words & Pictures, Best Single Issue, and Magazine of the Year.

Who do you think is most worthy of the award for Magazine of the Year? Leave us a comment or tell us on Twitter: @MagAwards | #NMA16.

Tickets are on sale for the 39th annual National Magazine Awards gala, Friday June 10 at the Arcadian Court in Toronto.

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