Top 3 Magazine Brands in Canada | NMA 2016 Nominees

Two weeks from tonight Canada’s magazine publishers and creators from across the land will come together to acknowledge creative excellence at the 39th annual National Magazine Awards. One of the awards to be presented on June 10th in Toronto is the award for Best Magazine Brand.

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The award for Best Magazine Brand goes to the publisher whose brand best delivers on their editorial mandate through at least three platforms, which may include a print or digital magazine, website, SIP(s), mobile app(s), tablet, social media, television shows or video, radio broadcasts or podcasts, live events, innovations in print or digital media, and other forms of audience engagement.

This year’s National Magazine Awards jury selected three finalists from across Canada based on four criteria:

  • Quality: How successfully does the magazine brand deliver quality content and design in its brand’s platforms, and what is the overall quality of its presentation of material to the jury?
  • Innovation: How successfully is the magazine brand creating opportunities to reach and grow its audience?
  • Impact: How successfully does the magazine brand engage with its intended audience, satisfy their needs, and provide a rewarding experience?
  • Brand Awareness: To what extent has the magazine brand built an engaging, reliable and trustworthy identity?

The winner will be presented at the National Magazine Awards gala on June 10th. And the nominees are…

Cottage Life
Published by Cottage Life Media, a division of Blue Ant Media Partnership
Penny Caldwell, Publisher

From a magazine founded in 1988 to answer all the confounding questions about owning a cottage, Cottage Life has evolved into a multidimensional media brand reaching a monthly audience of 3 million with radio and TV programs, consumer events, books, branded merchandise, interactive media and more. In 2015 the brand expanded to augmented reality through the Blippar platform, enhanced its e-commerce site, partnered with Moose FM on the “dock-to-dock” program, and created a special Cottage Life-themed menu for the Carbon Bar in Toronto.

Published by Ricardo Média Inc.
Brigitte Coutu, Publisher

A truly national food magazine—with an English edition recently joining the French-language title that reaches over 1 million Quebec readers—Ricardo is famous for its test kitchen which has created over 5000 original recipes. In 2015 its website reached over 2 million monthly visitors, while the brand launched an English-language YouTube channel and several interactive digital editions, published a children’s cookbook, and partnered with the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation on Cook for the Cure. Its renovated headquarters now includes a boutique, event space and a rooftop garden and apiary with over 20,000 bees for a branded line of honey.

Published by Spacing Media
Matthew Blackett, Publisher

Spacing continues to raise the bar for small magazine brand innovation through events, retail and audience engagement. Its four 2015 issues focused on contemporary themes of city life and reached a 80% or more sell-through rate on newsstands. The Spacing Store has opened up new avenues for partnerships and revenue through branded and city-themed merchandise, resulting in a 100% increase in revenue for the magazine during 2015. Last year Spacing teamed up with Metrolinx to put on two events on wayfinding in Toronto, and also hosted popular launch parties, book readings and contests including the Jane Jacobs Prize and a photographers’ tour of Lower Bay Station.

Which is your favourite? Leave us a comment or tell us on Twitter: @MagAwards | #NMA16.

Tickets are on sale for the 39th annual National Magazine Awards gala, Friday June 10 at the Arcadian Court in Toronto.

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