2016 NMA Nominees: Top 5 Words & Pictures in Canadian Magazines

For this year’s National Magazine Awards the jury has selected 5 finalists for the award of Words & Pictures, which goes to the best magazine article that relies for its impact on the successful integration of text and visuals as inseparable elements. This award is generously sponsored by CDS Global, the presenting sponsor of the National Magazine Awards gala.

Gold and silver winners will be revealed at the 39th annual National Magazine Awards gala on June 10 at the Arcadian Court in Toronto. [Tickets & Gala Info].

Complete nominations coverage

Here are the 5 nominees this year for Words & Pictures.


Nouveau Projet
Sauver le monde par prélèvements automatiques
Sylvain Lefevre, Author
Julie Rocheleau, Illustrator
Nicolas Langelier, Editor
Jean-François Proulx, Art Director


Canada 3 – Kazakhstan 6
Gare Joyce, Author
Michael Byers, Illustrator
Evan Rosser, Editor
Brianne Collins, Art Director


This piece tells the first-person account of events leading up to the never-seen game, and never-told story of the World Junior Hockey Championship game that happened in Finland, where Team Canada lost to Kazakhstan.

The Walrus
Our Ever-Changing Moods
Jillian Tamaki, Author & Illustrator
Jonathan Kay, Editor
Brian Morgan, Art Director


This piece shows how, for centuries, Canadians have used fashion to convey complex emotions, to score political points, to connect to (or disconnect from) others, or simply to have fun. Overall, it explores how Canadians use fashion as a method of communication.

Toronto Life
The Nanny Diaries
Christina Gonzales, Author
Derek Shapton, Photographer
Malcolm Johnston, Editor
Christine Dewairy, Art Director


Through profiles of five different Filipino nannies working in Toronto, we learn about the hardships many of these woman face. This feature shows us how and why they came to Canada, and what their lives are like now that they are here.

Toronto Life
These Are the Inner Suburbs
Emily Landau, Nicholas Hune-Brown, Aparita Bhandari, Anupa Mistry, Alexandra Shimo, Lauren McKeon, Authors
Eamon Mac Mahon, Photographer
Sarah Fulford, Editor
Christine Dewairy, Art Director


Through interviews and portraits, we learn about the everyday lives of 10 different residents of Toronto’s Inner Suburbs, giving voices to those living in “the other Toronto”.

Which do you think is most deserving of the award for Words & Pictures? Tell us on Twitter: @MagAwards | #NMA16

Complete nominations coverage

Tickets are on sale for the 39th annual National Magazine Awards gala, Friday June 10 at the Arcadian Court in Toronto.

Special thanks to Leah Jensen for her research.

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