Access Copyright affiliation offers benefits to Canadian creators

One of the perks of being a published creator of magazine content is the right to receive benefits—including royalties on shared and republished content—pertaining to the copyright of your creative work. The most effective and comprehensive way to gain access to these benefits is to affiliate with Access Copyright Canada.

Access Copyright is a national non-profit organization that represents over 11,000 Canadian writers, visual artists and publishers. Their mandate is to facilitate the sharing of published content, via licensing agreements with professional and education services, and ensure appropriate rewards for creators and publishers.

To affiliate with Access Copyright, you need only own the copyright to at least one work that is published in print (magazine, newspaper, book, journal). There is no fee to affiliate; Access Copyright keeps a small percentage of royalties to cover its administrative costs. All other proceeds are passed directly to the creator in the form of an annual Payback.

Other benefits of affiliation include access to Access Canada creator resources, including copyright compliance tools and legal information. Here’s more on how it works.

For more information, visit
Twitter @AccessCopyright

Image via Startup Stock PhotosAccess Copyright

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