NMA 2015 Nominees: Best Words & Pictures in Canadian Magazines

It’s Magazine Week in Toronto, and this Friday, concluding the week of events, is the 38th annual 38th annual National Magazine Awards. The nominees have been announced, and among the awards to be presented is Words & Pictures, sponsored by CDS Global, the presenting sponsor of the National Magazine Awards gala.

Gold and silver winners will be revealed at the National Magazine Awards gala on June 5 at the Arcadian Court in Toronto. [Tickets & Gala Info].

Here are the 7 nominees this year for Words & Pictures.


Laura deCarufel, Editor
Elena Viltovskaia, Art Director
Geoffrey Ross, Photographer
Contributors: Brittany Eccles, Noreen Flanagan, Charlotte Herrold
Fall/Winter 2014 Fashion Trend Report
ELLE Canada

Simple text and a white background allow runway photos to command the reader’s attention while leading the narrative of Fall/Winter trends. Fun cultural visual cues help set the mood for the styles presented in the piece.


Lisa Cook, Editor
Marcey Andrews, Art Director
John Ulan, Photographer
Rick Pilger, Bridget Sterling, Writers
Contributors: Curtis Gillespie, Christie Hutchison, Sarah Pratt, Scott Rollans, Tobie Smith, Joyce Yu
The Face of a Century
New Trail

This project craftily provides insight into the lives of 100 graduates by using telling life snippets. As addictive as Twitter or Reddit, the combination of words and picture carry the reader through the piece, while using longer bios to set an engaging pace.

Nicolas Langelier, Rédacteur
Pierre-Yves Cezard, Photographe
Rémy Bordillon, Auteur
La pointe des utopies
Nouveau Projet

The hand-drawn, graphic-novel style speaks to the intimacy of this organic storyline of a community coming together to protect artist space within their neighbourhood during a time of gentrification. The use of colour enhances the narrative tone along with that of the image.

Leah Rumack, Katie Dupuis, Writers, Editors
Alicia Kowalewski, Art Director
John Cullen, Photographer
Contributors: Jessica Albano, Virginie Martocq, Eshun Mott
A Mad Hatter Easter Picnic
Today’s Parent

In this party-planning guide, playful photographs bring recipes to life by creating scenes in which the food can live. Tablet extras and template links create a third layer of content that elevates the piece beyond the page.

Sarah Fulford, Angie Gardos, Mark Pupo, Editors
Christine Dewairy, Art Director
Photographers: Peter Andrew, Daniel Ehrenworth, Dave Gillespie, Kagan McLeod, Luis Meca, Daniel Neuhaus, Vicky Lam, Markian Lozowchuk, Joanne Ratajczak
Contributors: Matthew Hague, Rachel Heinrichs, Bronwen Jervis, Malcolm Johnston, Simon Lewsen, Emily Landau, Frances McInnes, Rebecca Philps, Philip Preville, Kelly Pullen, Alec Scott, Nathan Whitlock
Reasons to Love Toronto
Toronto Life

This collage of images indulges the reader in a listicle that reminds readers how cool living in Toronto can be. The piece allows for the dominance of image and word with proportional importance while examining how the food, business, leisure and sports industries have evolved to make the city better. The collaboration of contributors put together a list that praises how the residents and developments in certain neighbourhoods are changing both the physical and cultural landscape.

Kyle Carsten Wyatt, Editor
Brian Morgan, Art Director
Larry Towell, Photographer
Louise Bernice Halfe, Writer
In Attawapiskat
The Walrus

A raw look at the reality of a reserve in Northern Canada, “In Attawapiskat” is a story told with a literary stillness and patience that also resonates through the stark realness of the accompanying photo essay. A link to further, online content allows the reader to get deeper into issue.

Matthew Mallon, Editor
John Pekelsky, Art Director
Angela Gzowski, Photographer
Ashleigh Gaul, Writer
Between the Lines
Up Here

Stunning portraits and archival stills of women proudly bearing Inuit face tattoos accompanies a well-researched history of the tradition in this story about the experiences of the modern Inuit population practicing this ritual today.

Which do you think is most deserving of the award for Words & Pictures? Tell us on Twitter: @MagAwards | #NMA15.

You can view the complete articles of all National Magazine Awards nominees at magazine-awards.com.

Tickets are on sale for the 38th annual National Magazine Awards gala, Friday June 5 at the Arcadian Court in Toronto.

Special thanks to Melissa Myers for her research.

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