NMA 2015 Nominees: Meet the Finalists for Art Direction of a Single Article

Canada’s National Magazine Awards will be presented on June 5 at the Arcadian Court in Toronto, and among the prizes to be bestowed is the award for best Art Direction of a Single Magazine Article, sponsored by Monnet Design, which created the design for this year’s National Magazine Awards.

The finalists were announced on May 4 and include a great variety of magazine story design. The Gold and Silver winners will be revealed at the National Magazine Awards gala on June 5 at the Arcadian Court in Toronto. [Tickets & Gala Info].

And the 10 nominees for Art Direction of a Single Magazine Article are…

John Montgomery
How to Be Good, Great, the Greatest
Canadian Business

The casting of Strombo in different poses that illustrate the methods and strategies he’s used to hit his career peak elevates the how-to editorial concept to its own apex.

Kim Zagar
John Gray Goes to the Cottage
Cottage Life

The opening spread draws in the eye and brings the reader to the story with visual gravity. The photographs take the reader on a tour of natural and man-made architecture, conveying a sense both of place and of purpose.

Adam Cholewa
Canada’s Best New Restaurants

The reader is delivered straight to the restaurant setting with a busy scene and a colourful plate; a culinary tour ensues, featuring restos, plates and their creators in this perfectly delicious work of magazine design.

Anna Minzhulina
Life Sentence

A powerful spread, making use of shadow to help convey a mood of isolation and uncertainty, while the alternating boldness and fading of the text underscores the overlapping tones of hope and despair.

Marcey Andrews
Best Summer Ever
New Trail

The consistency of pastel tones create a fluid, organic feel, creating the soft calmness that captures the essence of summer.

Marcey Andrews
The Face of a Century
New Trail

Creating a collection of profile photographs that can hold the reader’s attention is always a demanding challenge, and the designer’s layout of this facial exposé creates an engaging context for the piece.

Sonia Bluteau, Lydia Moscato
Oh, Canada

The designers harnessed the lucky number 13, relating landscape to the comfort of soup in a way that incorporates regional ingredients in what amounts to a successful recipe in Canadiana. This design allows you to first feel the place, then taste the food in a juxtaposition of food and landscape images that takes you on a national exploration of food and place.

Christine Dewairy
Where to Eat Now
Toronto Life

The large image sets confer a priority to the visual material that sounds an inviting tone for the reader to devour the editorial content within.

Naomi MacDougall
25th Annual Restaurant Awards
Vancouver Magazine

The choice to open the visuals with black and white photos immediately confers a classical respect for the image that is recognizant of the celebratory nature of a 25th anniversary. This muted look serves to compliment the achievements of each chef by displaying their image in a format undistracted by the use of colour.

Paul Roelofs
Designers of the Year
Western Living

With lines that lend great depth to the architectural landscapes and photography, and framing that captures the mood and tone of the featured spaces, this design is compelling and unique.

Who do you think is most worthy of this award? Leave us a comment or tell us on Twitter: @MagAwards | #NMA15.

You can view the complete articles of all National Magazine Awards nominees at magazine-awards.com.

Tickets are on sale for the 38th annual National Magazine Awards gala, Friday June 5 at the Arcadian Court in Toronto.

Special thanks to Melissa Myers for her reporting.

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