NMA 2015 Nominees: Meet the 3 finalists for Best New Magazine Writer

The nominees have been announced for the 38th annual National Magazine Awards, and this year’s jury has nominated three finalists for the award for Best New Magazine Writer, sponsored by the Reader’s Digest Foundation. This award goes to an emerging Canadian magazine writer who published their first major magazine story in 2014.

The winner will be announced at the National Magazine Awards gala on June 5 in Toronto.  [Tickets & Gala Info]. You can read more about this award and previous winners at magazine-awards.com/bnmw.

Get to know this year’s three finalists for Best New Magazine Writer. Click on each image to read the complete article.

Genna Buck
Genna is nominated for a piece which follows the story of an autistic woman’s journey through the institution of adoption, detention centres and current supportive-living options in New Brunswick. Her in-depth exploration of these issues communicates the costs and realities of a system that is unprepared to handle demands made upon it. The reader leaves informed about how those with higher needs often slip through the cracks of social programs in this empathetically told biographical tale.

The National Magazine Awards jury said that Genna Buck “exhibits patience and grit in this magnificent profile. ‘Finding a Place’ has everything a good magazine piece needs: a gripping story, strong research and poignant writing that is balanced and sensitive.”

“Genna manages to bring policy-heavy history and bureaucratic bungling to life, expressing a deeply flawed system through the ups and downs of [her subject]’s search for a safe place to live.” ~ Haley Cullingham, editor-in-chief, Maisonneuve magazine

“Finding a Place” is also nominated for a National Magazine Award in the Investigative Reporting category.

Nicholas Cameron
Nicholas’s nominated piece looks at the idea of life after death and what it means to live through a disease that was expected to kill you. Many come out of this situation in poor financial and mental health, experiencing post-traumatic stress and survivor’s guilt while attempting to live in a world where more people with terminally ill diseases survive longer, but there is little out-patient support.

The National Magazine Awards jury called “Life Sentence” a “carefully crafted and well-researched narrative about long-term survivors of HIV, saying that Nicholas Cameron approached it with both fascination and tenderness. This is health reporting with humanity; equally compassionate and captivating.”

“Talking about death isn’t exactly easy, but Cameron was able to connect with his sources, getting them to open up about the most difficult times of their lives. The result is a detailed and passionate account of life after near death as it really happens – not the Lifetime movie version.” ~ Daniel Viole, associate editor, Maisonneuve magazine

“Life Sentence” is also nominated for a National Magazine Award in the Health & Medicine category.

Emily McKibbon
Emily’s literary skill is apparent as her use of detailed imagery, repetition and elevated diction in creating a tone and rhythm in “Latencies” that contributes to an entrancing storytelling style. Using her own knowledge of 19th-century photographic methods matched with her heightened ability to set scenes, her story merges the truth of human condition within history and her own experience.

The National Magazine Awards jury called her writing “simply ravishing, with a style that is at once poetic and precise.” They see “Latencies” as a “powerful memoir of love, death and photography, pointing to McKibbon’s talent for weaving storylines and leaving a haunting impression on the reader.”

“Emily McKibbon is a thoughtful, insightful writer, with a sophisticated approach to her writing that will serve her well as her career develops.” ~ Pamela Mulloy, editor, The New Quarterly


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You can read the complete articles of these and all National Magazine Awards nominees at magazine-awards.com.

Tickets are on sale for the 38th annual National Magazine Awards gala, Friday June 5 at the Arcadian Court in Toronto.

Special thanks to Melissa Myers for her reporting.

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