A Sneak Peek at the 37th National Magazine Awards Creative

The 37th annual National Magazine Awards are June 6 at the Carlu in Toronto. For this year’s awards, designer Michèle Champagne took up the challenge to create the centrepiece image for the celebration of Canadian magazines in 2014.

She calls it “The Circus File.”

“Magazine publishing is a measure of the moment,” Michèle said. “Today, stacks bear witness to public conversations from the early 21st century, where the market and the internet converge to form a circus of new ideas, energy, and instability. The design for the 37th National Magazine Awards is inspired by this circus, one where a new kind of performer juggles timeless storytelling with craft and technology across media. Magazines are, beyond all, a tribute to the ‘now’ in all its discomfort, courage and glory.”

Come see the Circus File in all its splendor at the 37th NMA gala on June 6. Tickets.

For more information about Michèle Champagne–who is also nominated for 2 National Magazine Awards this year, for Fashion and for Art Direction–visit michelechampagne.com.

See also: Previous Illustrations for the National Magazine Awards


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