NMA Winner Michael Harrington opens exhibit in Toronto

“Red House” by Michael Harrington.

Starting this Friday, November 2 the Katharine Mulherin Contemporary Art Gallery in Toronto’s Queen West district will be exhibiting a retrospective of work by Michael Harrington, a local artist and illustrator who won a 2006 National Magazine Award for illustration in Toro magazine.

The gallery is open Thursday to Saturday, 12-6pm, and Sundays from 1-5pm, and the Michael Harrington exhibit is on display until November 25.

From the gallery’s announcement of the exhibit:

Michael Harrington’s practice has focused on the depiction of the human form, occupying incomplete and ambiguous narratives. These scenarios aim to provoke an empathetic response from viewers. Harrington’s paintings employ traditional representational devices that he applies to a broad range of subject matter including cinema, theatre, literature, music, family folklore, and personal memory and experience.

Most recently his work considers the male figure in society. These men are positioned in the transient interiors and exteriors of the working world; hotel rooms, lobbies, boardrooms and barrooms. Also considered are the contemporary images of vacation sites; recreational vehicles, and the motels of south Florida.

“Brown Sofa” by Michael Harrington
“Forest People” by Michael Harrington
“Rehearsal” by Michael Harrington

More information here.

Opportunities for Students at the National Magazine Awards

Attention all journalism school students, creative writers, young artists and magazine professionals: The National Magazine Awards Foundation (NMAF) has a number of initiatives and opportunities for you.

Awards: Best New Magazine Writer & Best New Visual Creator
While all NMA categories are open to work published by students and young professionals, we have two categories open exclusively to your talent, with cash prizes and recognition at the annual NMA Gala. Submissions for work published in 2012 will be accepted starting on December 1 with a deadline of January 16.
[Read more about these awards]
[Check out last year’s winners]

E-Book: Best in Magazines 2007-2012
A collection of over 30 National Magazine Award-winning stories, photo essays, illustrations and covers from the past 5 years, our new eBook is available absolutely FREE for your iPad and features the best in magazine journalism from The Walrus, Maisonneuve, Explore, Eighteen Bridges, AlbertaViews, Swerve, Report on Business, The New Quarterly, Toronto Life, Ryerson Review of Journalism & many others.
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Internships at the NMAF
We are offering 2 paid Administrative Internship positions for students interested in pursuing a career in the Canadian magazine industry. Internships are part-time and run from December through June. The deadline for applications to this year’s internship program is November 7.  [Read more]

NMA Online Archives
This summer we hosted a Reading Series featuring award-winning articles from our online archive of previous National Magazine Award winners. The reading series & archive are great opportunities to catch up on the best of the best in Canadian magazine journalism–we have full-text PDF versions of all finalists and winners from recent years–and find inspiration for your future work.
[Dive into the NMA Archive]
[Cozy up with our Summer Reading Series]

Resources & Other Awards
On our website we maintain an exhaustive list of magazine and journalism awards across Canada, and periodically on our blog we feature in depth information about these awards and contests.
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[See which Magazine Writing Contests are going on now]

Follow us on Twitter and Facebook for frequent updates, news and opportunities from the NMAF. If you have any questions about the National Magazine Awards, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

Best regards for a successful year!

Alberta Literary Awards accepting submissions

The Writers Guild of Alberta is accepting submissions for 2013 Alberta Literary Awards, which celebrate and promote literary achievements by Alberta writers.

Opportunities for magazine writers include the James H. Gray Award for Short Nonfiction and the Howard O’Hagan Award for Short Story writing, each of which accepts submissions of work published in any print or electronic magazine, anthology or literary journal.

Two other categories accept unpublished manuscripts for judging: the Amber Bowerman Memorial Travel Writing Award; and the Jon Whyte Memorial Essay Prize.

Each of the above 4 awards includes a cash prize of $700.

The Alberta Literary Awards program also includes 5 categories for book publishing, each of which carries a cash prize of $1500:

  • R. Ross Annett Award for Children’s Literature (picture books)
  • Georges Bugnet Award for Fiction
  • Wilfrid Eggleston Award for Non-Fiction
  • Gwen Pharis Ringwood Award for Drama (plays published or produced)
  • Stephan G. Stephansson Award for Poetry

The WGA is also administering the following awards for 2013:

  • The City of Calgary W.O. Mitchell Book Prize ($5000 prize)
  • The Robert Kroetsch City of Edmonton Book Prize ($10,000 prize)

Read up on the submissions guidelines. The deadline for applications is December 31, 2012.

(Hat tip: Alberta Magazine Publishers Association)

Off the Page, with Selena Wong

Off the Page is an exclusive series produced by the NMAF that reaches out to former National Magazine Award winners to find out what their awards have meant to them and what they’re up to now. Off the Page will appear each Thursday on the Magazine Awards blog during the fall of 2012. This week we catch up with National Magazine Award-winning illustrator Selena Wong.

NMAFBack in 2009 you graduated from the Ontario College of Art & Design and your work appeared in, among other places, The Walrus and was later nominated for a National Magazine Award. How did you get started illustrating for magazines, and how did your work grab the attention of The Walrus?

Selena Wong. (Photo by Eugenia Wong.)

Selena Wong: The first illustration that started it all was a piece done for PlanSponsor magazine with Art Director SooJin Buzelli. I had a chance to meet SooJin during a semester of study at the Rhode Island School of Design through OCAD’s mobility/exchange program.

As for The Walrus, I applied for an art internship with the magazine in 2009, and through the interview process I met the art director Brian Morgan and the senior designer Paul Kim. Since I majored in illustration at the Ontario Collage of Art & Design, the portfolio I brought with me was full of illustrations from my fourth-year thesis.

I had no samples of any graphic design/layout work so I wasn’t an ideal candidate at the time, but was later so fortunately offered to do an editorial illustration for the magazine.

“The True Sorrows of Calamity Jane” (The Walrus; July/August 2009); Illustration by Selena Wong

NMAFAt this year’s National Magazine Awards gala you won the Gold award for illustration (“Meet You at the Door”). This piece seems exemplary of much of your body of work: fantastical, dream-like, full of wonder.  In composing a piece like this, to what extent does the text or the author or the art director guide you, and to what extent are you guided by your own style and instinct?

Selena Wong: I really enjoyed illustrating Lawrence Hill’s story and not to mention had a blast at the NMA gala. For this particular project, I worked with Paul Kim, the senior designer at The Walrus, who introduced Hill’s story accompanied by a few proposed key imageries.

With Paul’s suggestions in mind, I highlighted words and phrases that I thought represented the climax of the story after reading it through several times. From that point on, I created two or three sketches based on those highlighted moments I had set aside.  I then sent the sketches to Paul while secretly hoping that he would pick the sketch I yearned most to develop.

Luckily, what Paul thought worked best for the story and the audience of The Walrus was a piece that was meant to capture the most dreamy atmosphere of one specific setting. It was a description of the beautiful starry sky that tried to divert the gaze from the most important job in life in the vast Canadian Prairies.

The approach I used for this illustration is one that I learned and exercised throughout my training in illustration at OCAD. I appropriate the same practice to all of my work. Through illustrating, I aim to determine the part in a piece of writing where the author opens up to the reader. Sometimes this moment is not the most meaningful and significant one, yet it captures the essence of the story. I believe that it enables me to involve and evoke the deeper emotions in the audience.

“Meet You at the Door” (The Walrus; Jan/Feb 2011); Illustration by Selena Wong

NMAFWhat impact does winning a National Magazine Award have on a young artist, professionally or personally?

Selena Wong: As a young artist, it is a great honour to be recognized nationally, which in turn provides many assurances of support for my career. I was thrilled to be nominated for a National Magazine Award in 2009 even though I only received a honourable mention. That is why I was very surprised to learn that I was given a rare second chance and nominated for a NMA a second time with The Walrus!

Even with greater astonishment, this time I was called up on stage to receive the Gold award. An award not only provides charming publicity but it raises the standards in my work and, therefore, produces a wonderful opportunity to surpass my previous accomplishments.

Selena Wong is a National Magazine Award-winning illustrator and graduate of the Ontario College of Art & Design. Her exhibit “Black Math” is on at the Steam Whistle Brewery in Toronto until the end of October. You can view her work at selenawong.com and selenawong.blogspot.ca.

NMA winner Geoff Powter to be honoured at Banff Festival

Geoff Powter

This Saturday the 37th annual Banff Mountain Film and Book Festival will open in the heart of Canada’s Rocky Mountain country for nine days of events featuring authors, filmmakers and speakers from around the world.

National Magazine Award-winning writer Geoff Powter–a psychologist and alpinist from Canmore, Alberta–will be formally honoured by the Banff Centre for his long career of mountaineering expeditions, literary achievements and fostering community awareness of environmental issues.

The former longtime editor of the Canadian Alpine Journal and frequent contributor to Explore magazine (where he has won 7 National Magazine Awards) is the author of the 2006 bestseller Strange and Dangerous Dreams: The Fine Line Between Adventure and Madness, a former Banff festival winner.

Read some of Geoff Powter’s National Magazine Award-winning work at the NMA archives (magazine-awards.com/archive).

COPA Winners Announced

Last night to a packed audience at The Hoxton in Toronto, Masthead magazine and event emcee Amber Mac presented the winners of the 4th annual Canadian Online Publishing Awards (COPAs).

Among Canadian consumer magazines entered, Maclean’s (macleans.ca) won 3 Gold awards (Best News Coverage; Best Use of Social Media; Best Cross-Platform Initiative), while Canadian Art (canadianart.ca) was a double Gold winner (Best Online-Only Article; Best E-Newsletter).

The Walrus (walrusmagazine.com) won for Best Overall Companion Website (though they’ve since developed a redesign: thewalrus.ca).

Other consumer (red division) winners included:

  • Canadian Living  (Best Data Visualization)
  • Wondereur (Best Tablet Edition)
  • BlogTO (Best Smartphone App)
  • United Church Observer (Best Video or Multimedia Feature)
  • Apartment 613 (Best Blog)
  • Sharp for Men (Best Website Design)
  • Red Nation (Best Overall Online-Only Publication Website)

Big winners in the Blue (B2B, trade and scholarly magazines) division were Sparksheet.com (4 Gold and 3 Silver awards), University Affairs (2 Gold and 2 Silver) and IT World Canada (2 Gold).

In the Green (newspapers and broadcasters) division, CBC dominated with 6 Gold awards, while the National Post and The Globe and Mail each won 2 Gold and 1 Silver.

Check out all the winners here and the comments on Twitter #COPAwards.

NMAF President Douglas Thomson co-leads CSME event

Douglas Thomson

Tomorrow (Oct 24) the Canadian Society of Magazine Editors presents a luncheon event titled “Learning From Each Other” featuring editors from B2B and consumer magazines who will share their tips on magazine publishing and the wisdom they’ve accumulated throughout their careers. The participants include:

  • Douglas Thomson: President of National Magazine Awards Board of Directors and Editor of Canadian Home Workshop, a consumer title currently celebrating its 35th anniversary.
  • Peter Carter: Editor of Today’s Trucking and winner of the 2011 CSME Editor’s Choice Award for best trade magazine editor.
  • William Morassutti: Creative director of Star Content Studios, Torstar’s new custom content arm, and former editor-in-chief and founding member of Toro magazine.

The event is being held at Peridot, 81 Bloor St E (right at Yonge/Bloor subway station) in Toronto from 12-2pm on Wednesday, Oct 24. Buy tickets online at CSME; discounts for members and for buying in advance.

Related post: NMAF welcomes new President and other members to its Board of Directors

Deadline approaches for The Walrus-CIC long-form contest

The long-form, general interest magazine The Walrus magazine (winner of 93 National Magazine Awards since 2003) has teamed up with the Canadian International Council to support a competition for the best pitch of an internationally focused, long-form journalism story.

The winner will develop the pitch with a Walrus editor into an investigative article of 5000-7500 words, to be published by the magazine next year. And the cash prize is $7500.

The competition is open to graduate students, journalists, academics, former public policy figures, or members of NGO and business communities. It has two objectives:

  • to promote an investigative, reported, or analytic article of the highest quality by a Canadian or resident of Canada who is involved in international research;
  • to raise the profile of a salient issue in international political affairs within Canada and worldwide.

Submissions deadline is October 26, 2012.

Guidelines and more information at the CIC website.

Off the Page, with Outdoor Canada editor Patrick Walsh

Off the Page (back after a summer hiatus) is an exclusive series produced by the NMAF that reaches out to former National Magazine Award winners to find out what their awards have meant to them and what they’re up to now. Off the Page will appear each Thursday on the Magazine Awards blog during the fall of 2012. This week we catch up with National Magazine Award-winning editor Patrick Walsh of Outdoor Canada magazine.

NMAF: In the last 10 years, Outdoor Canada has been nominated for 52 National Magazine Awards—and won 11—with particular success in the categories that reward the packaging of collaborative editorial content to instruct, inform and stimulate your readers. Okay, so what’s the secret to a successful editorial package?

Patrick Walsh:  Pacing. We strive to create an editorial package that contains an even, thematically linked mix of quick, snappy items, short articles and longer features. And within that mix, we’ll include info-packed service and how-to pieces, as well as engaging narratives.

You don’t want the package to be too weighed down with just one element. The same applies to the visuals—we want a good mix of graphics, illustrations and photography.

The key is to evenly distribute all these disparate elements throughout the package, such that the reader enjoys a seamless, entertaining reading experience. It’s like designing and assembling a puzzle—it will all fall together properly if you’ve planned ahead, visualized the end product, and created all the right pieces.

NMAF: What is the significance for you, as an editor, to win a National Magazine Award and see your staff, freelance writers and photographers recognized for their work? And what does this success convey to your readers?

Patrick Walsh: I don’t want to overstate the significance of such recognition, as some might argue that true success should be gauged by the likes of subscription renewals, newsstand sales and advertisement insertion orders.

However, it is immensely gratifying, on a professional level, when our team and contributors earn a National Magazine Award, or simply garner a nomination for that matter. It’s yet another measurement of how well we are serving our audience, based on the criteria for magazine excellence as determined by our industry peers.

We are not creating the best content possible to win awards, mind you—we’re doing it for our readers, and I like to think they appreciate that.

NMAF: Which is more challenging: Editing a successful hunting and fishing magazine, or reeling in a seven-foot, seven-inch sturgeon in the Fraser River? And what does one teach you about the other?

Patrick Walsh: After I beached that 250-pound sturgeon, I thought, Well, I’ll never do that again. I have a bad back, you see, and by the time the 26-minute fight was over, my lower back was on fire. But actually catching it wasn’t a huge challenge.

It’s a crapshoot, really. My fishing buddy and I simply took turns grabbing the first rod that got a hit, and with this particular fish, it just happened to be my turn to set the hook. Then all you have to do is keep tension on the barbless hook and hang on, reeling in line when you get the chance. The credit really goes to our guide, who put us on the fish in the first place.

But when it comes to editing a magazine, it’s all up to you, and your team, to get the job done—from start to finish. That’s decidedly far more challenging. If there’s a shared lesson to be learned from either pursuit, it’s to be persistent and do your best. Then, success will eventually come your way.

NMAF: Thanks Patrick! Keep up the good work.

Check out some samples of Outdoor Canada‘s National Magazine Award-winning work:
75 Whitetail Essentials” (Silver, How-To, 2011)
The Ultimate Danger Guide” (HM, Editorial Package, 2010)
Visit. Hunt. Stay.” (HM, Single Service Article Package, 2010)
Ultimate Skills Guide” (Gold, How-To, 2009)
The Best of Living off the Land” (Gold, Service: Lifestyle, 2008)

Shameless mag hosts Silent Auction fundraiser

Shameless, the energetic and National Magazine Award-nominated magazine for young women and trans youth, is hosting a silent auction fundraiser event in Toronto on Thursday, October 25 at the ING Direct Cafe (221 Yonge St).

Shameless is an independent magazine that since its 2004 launch has been run entirely by volunteers, many of whom are young professionals in the magazine industry.

From the NMA Archives:
Making the Cut” by Zoe Cormier, Shameless (2005 Honourable Mention, Health & Medicine)

New book by NMA Winner Carol Shaben looks at the safety of our skies

National Magazine Award-winning writer Carol Shaben, whose debut magazine feature “Fly at Your Own Risk” (The Walrus) was a double NMA winner in Investigative Reporting and Politics & Public Interest in 2009, has published a new book the evolved from that original magazine story.

Into the Abyss: How a Deadly Plane Crash Changed the Lives of a Pilot, a Politician, a Criminal and a Cop (Random House Canada) is in bookstores tomorrow, October 16.

We profiled Carol in our Off the Page interview series last spring, where she talked about how she latched on to the investigation of Canada’s aviation safety regulation and was inspired by the story of a particular plane crash in which her father was one of the survivors. [Read “Off the Page, with Carol Shaben“]

From the publisher, about Into the Abyss:

On an icy night in October 1984, a Piper Navajo commuter plane carrying 9 passengers crashed in the remote wilderness of northern Alberta, killing 6 people. Four survived: the rookie pilot, a prominent politician, a cop, and the criminal he was escorting to face charges.

Despite the poor weather, Erik Vogel, the 24-year-old pilot, was under intense pressure to fly–a situation not uncommon to pilots working for small airlines. Overworked and exhausted, he feared losing his job if he refused to fly. Larry Shaben, the author’s father and Canada’s first Muslim Cabinet Minister, was commuting home after a busy week at the Alberta Legislature.

After Paul Archambault, a drifter wanted on an outstanding warrant, boarded the plane, rookie Constable Scott Deschamps decided, against RCMP regulations, to remove his handcuffs–a decision that profoundly impacted the men’s survival. As they fought through the night to stay alive, the dividing lines of power, wealth and status were erased and each man was forced to confront the precious and limited nature of his existence.

The survivors forged unlikely friendships and through them found strength and courage to rebuild their lives. Into the Abyss is a powerful narrative that combines in-depth reporting with sympathy and grace to explore how a single, tragic event can upset our assumptions and become a catalyst for transformation.

For more on Carol Shaben’s new book, watch this video of Random House Canada vice-president Anne Collins talking about Into the Abyss.

Photos from the Thin Air Winnipeg International Writers Festival

Manitoba Theatre for Young People (photo by Leif Norman)

Wish we could have been in Winnipeg last month for the Thin Air International Writers Festival. Fortunately photographer Leif Norman captured the event with a suite of beautiful photography.

This year’s event, held on September 26 at the Manitoba Theatre for Young People, featured National Magazine Award-winning writers Pasha Malla (People Park), Seán Virgo (Dibidalen) and Mike Barnes (The Reasonable Ogre), as well as acclaimed novelists Rawi Hage (Carnival) and Esmé Claire Keith (Not Being on a Boat).

Visit LeifNorman.net to check out all the photos. Check out the National Magazine Awards archive to read stories by these and other great writers.

Authors Pasha Malla and Esmé Claire Keith (photo by Leif Norman)

Edmonton LitFest features NMA Winners

Starting next Wednesday, the 12-day literary non-fiction extravaganza known as LitFest opens in Edmonton with a host of events including talks and workshops from National Magazine Award winners. Just a sampling:

  • Terry Glavin will be joined by fellow NMA winners Janice Williamson, Noah Richler and Paul Wells, speaking about “Shadows of Afghanistan” at the Stanley A. Milner Theatre on Saturday Oct 20.
  • Investigative journalist Andrew Nikiforuk talks about Canada’s energy industry at the St. Albert Public Library on Friday, Oct 26.
  • Andrew Westoll and Charlotte Gill share the CBC Centre Stage at City Centre Mall at lunchtime on Oct 25 to read from their recent award-winning books.
  • Maclean’s political editor Paul Wells has a talk entitled “Days of Whine and Roses” on Oct 20 at the Stanley A. Milner Library.
  • JJ Lee will talk about “The Measure of a Man” at the CLC Brown Bag Reading Series on Oct 24.
  • Eighteen Bridges editor Curtis Gillespie headlines an event called “Roaring Twenties,” which combines whisky tasting and literary readings in the spirit of the bootlegging era!

Check out all the events and artists.

Edmonton LitFest 2012 runs from October 17-28. Tickets are on sale now, and discounts are available for AMPA members.

The making of a Sportsnet magazine cover

Sportsnet, the sharp new magazine launched a year ago–and which won a pair of National Magazine Awards earlier this year–just released this great video on how a magazine cover is created.

(Hat tip Canadian Magazines via J-source)

For more on Sportsnet‘s National Magazine Award-winning work, visit the NMA archives.

8 former NMA Winners land on GG Awards shortlists

The shortlists for the 2012 Governor General’s Literary Awards–with categories in both English and French for Fiction, Poetry, Drama, Non-fiction, Children’s Text, Children’s Illustration, and Translation–have been announced by Canada Council for the Arts, and eight former National Magazine Award winners have garnered nominations.

In Fiction, former NMA winners Robert Hough (Dr. Brinkley’s Tower) and Vincent Lam (The Headmaster’s Wager) are among the 5 finalists.

In Poetry, two-time National Magazine Award winner Julie Bruck (Monkey Ranch) and former NMA finalists A.F. Moritz (The New Measures) and David McGimpsey (L’il Bastard) made the GG shortlist.

In Non-fiction, two-time NMA winner Noah Richler (What We Talk About When We Talk About War) and former nominee Ross King (Leonardo and the Last Supper) were named GG finalists.

And in Children’s Illustration, former National Magazine Award winner Isabelle Arsenault received a GG nomination for Virginia Wolf.

Check out all the GG Awards finalists.

Visit the National Magazine Awards archive to view the works of these great writers and artists.

The winners of the 2012 Governor General’s Literary Awards will be announced on November 13 at the Conservatoire de musique et d’art dramatique du Québec in Montreal. His Excellency the Right Honourable David Johnston, Governor General of Canada, will present the winners with their awards, which include a cash prize of $25,000, at a gala at Rideau Hall on November 28.

Magazine Awards blog celebrates First Birthday!

One year ago we launched a blog whose founding objectives were to recognize and promote National Magazine Award winners, celebrate the magazines who publish them, and foster a community with the readers who love them.

We think it’s been a successful endeavor:

So we’re going to stick around for awhile and keep this going. Thank you so much to our readers, interviewees and staff (self pat on the back!). If you have any news for us, email to staff [at] magazine-awards.com or grab us on Twitter or Facebook.

And keep reading Canadian magazines. They make a difference in your lives!

Apply for Internships with the National Magazine Awards Foundation!

The National Magazine Awards Foundation (NMAF) is now accepting applications for two (2) paid Administrative Internship positions in Toronto for Winter/Spring 2013. Deadline for applications is November 7, 2012.

Description: A great opportunity to work behind the scenes of the Canadian magazine industry through one of its most important and celebrated institutions–the National Magazine Awards. The successful candidates will be reporting to and working in consultation with the NMAF Production Manager and Special Projects Manager and specifically will:

  • Assist with the day-to-day operations of the NMAF office, including support for the submissions process, judging process, and awards production;
  • Handle some of the office-related communications and outreach with the Canadian magazine industry in both English and French—including but not limited to initiating and responding to phone calls and general email;
  • Assist with the research and production of content for the NMAF blog (blog.magazine-awards.com);
  • Copy edit NMAF communications materials and publications, including newsletters, press releases, website copy, gala programs and related material;
  • Assist with ongoing projects to promote the NMAF and its various initiatives;
  • Attend regular staff, board and committee meetings.


  • Exceptional communication skills;
  • Familiarity with the Canadian magazine industry;
  • Ability to work independently and on deadline with goal-oriented projects;
  • Solid writing and editing skills;
  • Knowledge of French an asset;
  • Career aspirations in the Canadian magazine industry or similar;
  • Strong interest in fulfilling the mandate and vision of the National Magazine Awards Foundation.

Terms and Remuneration: The length of the contract will be from November 26, 2012 until June 30, 2013. The average weekly commitment may range from 10 hours per week (Nov-Dec; Feb-Mar; Jun) to 20 hours per week (Jan; Apr-May). Working hours are flexible except at specific times, and most work may be completed remotely.

Interns will be paid a stipend of $1500 for the duration of the internship, plus receive two (2) tickets to the National Magazine Awards gala on June 7, 2013. Opportunities for additional part-time contract work may be available during the internship period.

Applications: Candidates should submit

  • A cover letter demonstrating their specific interest in the internship;
  • A resume;
  • At least one letter of reference from a professor or career mentor.

Please send applications by email to NMAF Production Manager Josh Penslar at staff[at]magazine-awards.com.

Deadline: Wednesday, November 7, 2012.

Selected candidates will be notified for interviews the week of November 12.

For more visit the website of the National Magazine Awards Foundation.

Buy 2, Get 1 Free is Back! Discount Magazine Subscriptions

The good folks at Magazines Canada are once again offering their Buy 2, Get 1 Free subscription deal, featuring nearly 200 Canadian consumer magazine titles, in both print and digital format.

The deal includes National Magazine Award-winning magazines such as:

  • Alberta Views
  • Avenue
  • Azure
  • Best Health
  • Canadian Art
  • Canadian Business
  • Canadian Gardening
  • Canadian Geographic
  • Canadian Living
  • Chatelaine
  • Cottage Life
  • Elle Canada
  • Explore
  • Fashion
  • Flare
  • Garden Making
  • Literary Review of Canada
  • Maclean’s
  • MoneySense
  • More
  • Ottawa Magazine
  • Outdoor Canada
  • Prefix Photo
  • Reader’s Digest
  • Style at Home
  • Today’s Parent
  • Toronto Life
  • Up Here
  • This Magazine
  • The Walrus
  • … plus literary, lifestyle, fine art, hobby, sports, regional, en français and more!

Check out all the titles on offer. Buy 2, Get 1 Free.

New book by NMA finalist Arno Kopecky investigates anti-mining activism

Two-time National Magazine Award Honourable-Mention honouree Arno Kopecky has written a book about the impact of mining among indigenous communities in South America.

The Devil’s Curve (Douglas & McIntyre), follows politicians, native communities, mining companies and anti-mining activists through a series of events, protest movements and harrowing experiences that culminated in the deaths of dozens of Peruvian natives in a place called The Devil’s Curve in June 2009.

From D&M’s site:

Arno Kopecky picks up the story where the news left off. Travelling to Peru and Colombia, he follows radical left-wing politicians on the campaign trail, discusses black magic with villagers, winds up in gunfights and hallucinates in dark huts. Superbly crafted and full of complex and captivating characters, The Devil’s Curve is a story that speaks to universal themes of the dislocation of Aboriginal people, the inequitable distribution of wealth globally and the abdication of responsibility from governments to corporations. Kopecky’s remarkable debut is a haunting tale, brilliantly told, of how affluent Western lifestyles impact distant societies.

Kopecky has been nominated for two National Magazine Awards for his writing in The Walrus. He’s also been published in The Tyee, Maclean’s and Foreign Policy. This is his first book. You can check out a review of the book in the fall issue of Maisonneuve, Canada’s Magazine of the Year.

Canadian Online Publishing Awards announce nominees

Last week the finalists for the 4th annual Canadian Online Publishing Awards (COPAs) were announced. Among Canadian magazines competing in the Red (consumer mag) division, Canadian Living‘s companion site canadianliving.com led all publications with 7 nominations, followed by Canadian Art (5) and Maclean’s (4).

The Red division consists of 15 categories including Best Overall Companion Site, Best Design, Best News Coverage, Best Blog, Best Use of Social Media, Best Smartphone App and Best Tablet Edition. There are similar divisions for newspapers and daily news sites (Green) and trade publications (Blue).

The awards presentation will be held on Monday, October 22nd at The Hoxton in Toronto’s King West district, and tickets are on sale now ($25 in advance; $40 at the door). The event will be emcee’d by TV personality Amber Mac.

NMA Winner Selena Wong opens exhibit Wednesday

Toronto-based illustrator Selena Wong, who won the Gold National Magazine Award for illustration at the 35th anniversary NMA gala earlier this year, is participating in a multi-artist exhibit entitled “Black Math” which opens this Wednesday, October 3 with a reception at the Steam Whistle Brewery in downtown Toronto.

The exhibit features work from 9 artists and the theme is decidedly Hallowe’en. Doors open for the reception at 7pm on Wednesday, and the exhibit is on for the entire month of October. [More info]

The Steam Whistle Brewery is located at 255 Bremner Blvd downtown Toronto, near the base of the CN Tower.

Selena Wong won her first National Magazine Award in June for her artwork accompanying a story in The Walrus, titled “Meet You at the Door.”

Discover more of her work and style at selenawong.com.