NMA winner Louis Fishauf shows off great illustrators

Ten-time National Magazine Award-winning creative director Louis Fishauf (formerly of Saturday Night and Toronto Life) has created an online scrapbook of the first ten issues of Global Brief, the world-affairs quarterly he currently designs.

The book is dedicated to the illustrators whom he’s commissioned to help give Global Brief its very distinctive look and feel. As Fishauf told the Canadian Magazines blog, “Despite working with a very modest art budget, I’ve been able to recruit some of the finest illustrators in Canada, the US and Europe, by cashing in some of the goodwill that still lingers from my AD heyday, and offering the artists a lot of creative freedom.”

The illustrators include National Magazine Award finalists and winners Anita Kunz, Dan Page, Gary Taxali, Christian Northeast, Brad Yeo, James Turner, Blair Drawson, and Kenneth R. Wilson Award winner Ryan Snook.

The book is created using the open-source technology of Issuu, a new-media initiative specializing in helping individuals create customizable digital magazines from xml/Flash templates.

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