New exhibit from NMA-winning photographer Mark Peckmezian

A new solo exhibition by National Magazine Award-winning photographer Mark Peckmezian is set to open on Friday, November 22 at the O’Born Contemporary gallery in Toronto.

The Canadian photographer, now based in New York, won the Gold National Magazine Award last year in Portrait Photography, for “Never Left Art School” (a series with Douglas Coupland) in Montecristo magazine. He was previously a finalist for the Best New Visual Creator award in 2010, for “A Man Called Cope” (Report on Business).

The exhibition, “Pictures,” is on display until December 21.

From the O’Born Contemporary site: Working within portraiture and documentary photography, Peckmezian attempts to leverage the analog-digital divide, producing work that draws into relief the enduring value of analog processes in our new digital-dominated photographic landscape. He recently completed his BFA in Photography from Ryerson University in Toronto, and is represented for commercial and editorial work by Stash. His photographs have been published in Prefix Photo, on the cover of Report on Business and Function, and have been selected for inclusion in Flash Forward, touring internationally.

More: Mark Peckmezian in the NMA Archive

The 36th National Magazine Awards Gold Book

Make your summer reading the National Magazine Awards digital Gold Book. More than forty magazine stories and visual spreads representing the Gold winners from the 36th annual National Magazine Awards, available FREE for your computer or mobile device.

Including National Magazine Award-winning work by these Canadian literary and visual artists:

Caroline Adderson, Dave Cameron, Karen Connelly, Craig Davidson, Sierra Skye Gemma, Jessica Johnson, Tom Jokinen, Peter Ash Lee, Angus Rowe MacPherson, Greg McArthur, Leah McLaren, Conor Mihell, Jonathan Montpetit, Alison Motluk, Mark Peckmezian, Graeme Smith, Emma Teitel, Chris Turner, Jeff Warren, Sam Weber and more!

With stories from Canada’s best magazines, including Adbusters, Avenue, Azure, Canada’s History, Canadian Notes & Queries, Eighteen Bridges, Explore, Geist, Maclean’s, Maisonneuve, Reader’s Digest, Report on Business, Sportsnet, The Feathertale Review, The Grid, The New Quarterly, The Walrus, Toronto Life and more!

Congratulations to all of this year’s National Magazine Award winners, and happy summer reading to all!

Spotlight: The National Magazine Award for Best New Visual Creator

Photographer Jake Rosenberg accepts the award for Best New Visual Creator at the 35th National Magazine Awards gala.
Photographer Jake Rosenberg accepts the award for Best New Visual Creator at the 35th National Magazine Awards gala.

The award for Best New Visual Creator is one of our special awards, which recognizes excellence in illustration, photography or digital image creation by a young Canadian artist in a Canadian magazine. [Version française ici]

Submissions in this category are open to students as well as young magazine artists whose early work in Canadian magazines shows the highest degree of craft and promise.

The competition is open to work published during 2012 in either print or digital Canadian magazines, including online magazines and tablet editions. Individuals may enter their own work (see the full requirements here), but editors, art directors and teachers are encouraged to nominate the talented young artists they’ve worked with, even discovered.


  • Entry Fee: $25
  • Deadline: January 16, 2013
  • Requirements: Tear sheets plus a letter of recommendation
  • Finalists: A shortlist of 3 finalists will be announced May 1, 2013
  • Winners: The winner will be revealed at the NMA Gala on June 7, 2013
  • Prize: The winner receives a cash prize of $500, a certificate, industry recognition on stage, and promotion of their work in various NMAF publications; the other two finalists will receive Honourable Mention, a certificate, various publicity, and their work will appear in the NMA archives.
  • More information: Visit our website for complete submissions and award details.
  • To Submit: Click here to register online.

Last year’s three finalists included a photographer, a digital illustrator, and a visual-arts collective. The winner was The Coveteur, for their curation called “Strictly Top Shelf” in Report on Business magazine (below).

Read our interview with The Coveteur about their National Magazine Award and their visual creations.

Byron Eggenschwiler created this image for the cover of the 33rd NMA Program.
Byron Eggenschwiler created this image for the cover of the 33rd NMA Program.

The inaugural winner of this award in 2009 was illustrator Byron Eggenschwiler, now a multiple National Magazine Award winner who also designed the creative for the 33rd National Magazine Awards. Byron was a double winner at the 2011 National Magazine Awards, with a Gold in Spot Illustration and a Silver in Illustration.

Read more about Best New Visual Creator and the National Magazine Awards.

The submissions deadline is January 16, 2013.

[Click here to Submit] [Version française]

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Off the Page, with The Coveteur

Off the Page is an exclusive series produced by the NMAF that reaches out to former National Magazine Award winners to find out what their awards have meant to them and what they’re up to now. Off the Page will appear each Thursday on the Magazine Awards blog during the fall of 2012. This week we catch up with the 2011 winners of Best New Visual Creator: The Coveteur. The Coveteur are designer Erin Kleinberg, stylist Stephanie Mark and photographer Jake Rosenberg. 

NMAFAt this year’s National Magazine Awards The Coveteur was named Canada’s Best New Visual Creator for your spread “Strictly Top Shelf” in Report on Business magazine. First of all, what is The Coveteur, and where does it make the biggest impact on the world of fashion and style?

The Coveteur: Erin Kleinberg, Jake Rosenberg and Stephanie Mark

The Coveteur: The Coveteur takes you into the closets of today’s celebrities and fashion icons so you can discover their unique style. Our site features exclusive photography and videos and provides a behind the scenes community for fashion lovers. Our followers can collect and share their favorite images in their own “closet” and then shop the look of Coveteurs from around the globe—from New York to Paris, London and beyond.

We make an impact by redefining the way people shop and the way they view the still-life by showcasing the styles of today’s tastemakers in a new light that is also shoppable.

NMAF: How did you get involved with Report on Business, and how did you develop your winning piece—which the judges lauded for “magnifying the desirability of objects”; “a perfect balance of style and composition”—for the magazine?

The Coveteur: We are loyal readers of Report on Business and we were thrilled and honoured when they approached us to contribute. We created a holiday gift guide in signature Coveteur fashion and arranged the products in such a way that brings them to life and makes each one appear as a character in an environment.

Our community enjoys the quirk of an image—a stuffed monkey wearing a pair of designer glasses styled amongst other great products—as it highlights the product when showcased in an unexpected, eccentric way. Keeping the sophisticated Report on Business reader in mind, we chose exceptional, high-end products for the feature.

National Magazine Award-winning layout from The Coveteur, in Report on Business magazine

NMAF: Your online “curations” (coveteurs) seem to borrow a bit from traditional fashion magazine layouts while also being remarkably innovative in tapping the power of social media, digital publishing and e-commerce. What have been some of your influences from the world of magazines—fashion, style, design, etc—while developing this unique approach to exhibition?

The Coveteur: We have all had individual and unique experiences working in these different yet connected areas. Erin worked for W Magazine alongside director Alex White who taught her to push stylistic boundaries, which catches the reader off-guard and calls for a second glance. She recalls a photo shoot with model Doutzen Kroes staged in a field and littered with teddy bears—a consistent quirkiness that has remained an integral part of her styling since.

Stephanie, who went to Parsons [School for Design] for fashion marketing and interned with Kate Lanphear at Elle Magazine, has a keen eye for picking great product from across the globe and is our in-house e-commerce wiz.

Jake’s visual inspiration comes from the work of Ben Watts and his vivid editorial imagery as well as Raymond Meier’s ability to bring product to life through editing. His photography is bright, vivid and intimate, adding a certain “glow” which tells a unique story about each subject and their personal style.

The Coveteur have profiled dozens of styles, including that of Miss Piggy!

NMAF: Do you have any other current or upcoming projects in magazines to tell us about? 

The Coveteur: We just shot an exclusive, eight-page spread for the October/November 2012 issue of Air France Madame magazine filled with the best accessories of the season and shot in our distinct stylistic approach. As for what else is coming up? You’ll just have to stay tuned!

Check out all of fantastic curations of Stephanie, Erin and Jake at

Opportunities for Students at the National Magazine Awards

Attention all journalism school students, creative writers, young artists and magazine professionals: The National Magazine Awards Foundation (NMAF) has a number of initiatives and opportunities for you.

Awards: Best New Magazine Writer & Best New Visual Creator
While all NMA categories are open to work published by students and young professionals, we have two categories open exclusively to your talent, with cash prizes and recognition at the annual NMA Gala. Submissions for work published in 2012 will be accepted starting on December 1 with a deadline of January 16.
[Read more about these awards]
[Check out last year’s winners]

E-Book: Best in Magazines 2007-2012
A collection of over 30 National Magazine Award-winning stories, photo essays, illustrations and covers from the past 5 years, our new eBook is available absolutely FREE for your iPad and features the best in magazine journalism from The Walrus, Maisonneuve, Explore, Eighteen Bridges, AlbertaViews, Swerve, Report on Business, The New Quarterly, Toronto Life, Ryerson Review of Journalism & many others.
[Read more]
[Download the Free App]

Internships at the NMAF
We are offering 2 paid Administrative Internship positions for students interested in pursuing a career in the Canadian magazine industry. Internships are part-time and run from December through June. The deadline for applications to this year’s internship program is November 7.  [Read more]

NMA Online Archives
This summer we hosted a Reading Series featuring award-winning articles from our online archive of previous National Magazine Award winners. The reading series & archive are great opportunities to catch up on the best of the best in Canadian magazine journalism–we have full-text PDF versions of all finalists and winners from recent years–and find inspiration for your future work.
[Dive into the NMA Archive]
[Cozy up with our Summer Reading Series]

Resources & Other Awards
On our website we maintain an exhaustive list of magazine and journalism awards across Canada, and periodically on our blog we feature in depth information about these awards and contests.
[Follow the Magazine Awards blog]
[See which Magazine Writing Contests are going on now]

Follow us on Twitter and Facebook for frequent updates, news and opportunities from the NMAF. If you have any questions about the National Magazine Awards, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

Best regards for a successful year!

Meet the NMA finalists for Best New Visual Creator

Last week the NMAF announced the nominees for the 35th anniversary National Magazine Awards. This year there are 3 finalists for the special award Best New Visual Creator. The category Best New Visual Creator is generously sponsored by the Reader’s Digest Foundation.

This award will go to an illustrator, photographer or digital image creator whose early work in magazines (print or digital) shows the highest degree of craft and promise. The award is open to students and magazine photographers and illustrators with a maximum of two years’ experience in professional journalism.

For 2011 there are 3 finalists. Click on the image to view the full work.

Trevor Melanson, for Canadian Business

What the judges said about Trevor Melanson:
With an impressive capacity to reduce, organize and visualize complex data, Trevor Melanson is an exceptional, natural talent in the digital medium. He has a unique ability to fashion raw information as engaging and editorial content for readers. His visual style is absolutely brilliant.

The Coveteur, for Report on Business

What the judges said about The Coveteur:
A tasteful curation of photographs that succeeds in magnifying the desirability of objects, The Coveteur’s “Gifts” are a perfect balance of style and composition.  The look and feel engages the viewer effortlessly, which speaks to the impressive talent of this young trio: stylist Stephanie Mark, designer Erin Kleinberg, and photographer Jake Rosenberg. We’ll be seeing lots more of their work in the future.

Andrew B. Myers, for Report on Business

What the judges said about Andrew B. Myers:
A photographer who possesses the ability to give soul to a lifeless subject, Andrew B. Myers has very honestly captured the unfulfilled promise of solar power with an empty sky, thawing snow on a monotonous field of panels, and the hint of solar flare. His approach to the subject is thoughtful, and his composition elegant and imbued with meaning.

The winner of the 2011 National Magazine Award for Best New Visual Creator will be announced at the 35th anniversary NMA gala on June 7 in Toronto. Tickets are available now.

Why should young writers and artists enter the NMAs?

Liam Casey, winner of the 2011 award for Best New Magazine Writer, accepts his award on stage at the NMA Gala.

[This post has been updated for 2012]

Few moments at the annual National Magazine Awards gala are as satisfying as discovering which talented up-and-comers are named Canada’s Best New Magazine Writer and Best New Visual Creator. Submissions in these categories are open to students as well as young magazine writers, illustrators and photographers whose early work in Canadian magazines shows the highest degree of craft and promise.

The competition is open to work published during 2012 in either print or digital Canadian magazines. Individuals may enter their own work (see the full requirements here), but editors, art directors and teachers are encouraged to nominate the talented young writers and artists they’ve worked with, even discovered.

Here are just a few reasons we think you might want to enter:

1. It’s only $25 (plus HST) to enter these two categories; a hefty discount on the $95 entry fee for most other National Magazine Awards.

2. Students are encouraged to submit, and the awards are open to work published in college and university magazines as well as any other eligible Canadian magazine.

3. Three finalists will be announced for each award on May 1; they and their work will be promoted in NMAF publications and at the NMA gala.

4. While there is only one entry allowed per person, there is no limit to the number of submissions from a single publication.

5. The winner of each category will be announced on stage at the 36th annual National Magazine Awards gala on June 7, in a room full of Canada’s top magazine publishers, editors and art directors.

6. For each winner there is a cash prize — $500 – and the right to call yourself a National Magazine Award winner in every bio for the rest of your life!

7. The winner of each category will be recognized on stage at the gala; they and their work will be promoted in NMAF publications, press releases, promotional campaigns — anything and everything we can do to celebrate emerging creative talent in our industry.

8. The winner of Best New Magazine Writer joins a group of award laureates including Matthieu AikinsPatrick White, Chantal Srivastava, Jeremy Klaszus, Jonathan Trudel, Matthew McKinnon, Danielle GroenJean-François Bégin, Sophie Lees, Kris Demeanor and Larry Frolick.

9. The winner of Best New Visual Creator joins 2011 winner The Coveteur and 2009 winner Byron Eggenschwiler, a multiple NMA winner who also designed the creative for the 33rd National Magazine Awards (left).

10. The greatness of Canadian magazines is sustained by the talented, innovative and dynamic young people who love what they do and work hard to do it. At the National Magazine Awards Foundation we, like the rest of the Canadian magazine industry, want to recognize and celebrate this. We can’t do it without you.

Read more about Best New Magazine Writer and Best New Visual Creator. The submissions deadline is January 16, 2013.